Winter Mulch Application: Benefits, Options, and Application Techniques

There are so many benefits to mulching, from adding valuable nutrients to the soil, to suppressing weeds, to preventing erosion and more! With winter quickly approaching, now is a great time to apply mulch and protect plants throughout the colder months. Our Garden of Ease team applies mulch differently, depending on your goals and the [...]

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Eco-Friendly Landscape Conversion

Make your landscaping more eco-friendly and save on water bills at the same time! We can help you gradually transition to low maintenance landscaping that uses less water. We'll focus on plants that don’t rely on constant fertilizing, pruning, herbicides, or pesticides. Our process for landscape conversion starts with an introductory meeting. We offer you [...]

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Seating Areas, Walls, and Lighting

When our clients want to update the look of their outdoor living space, we often recommend installing a seating area, wall, or lighting, or a combination of the three. These three features can be used in a variety of ways to transform an outdoor area into another living space. Our patios are comfortable living spaces, [...]

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Thinking of a Trellis or Arbor?

Numerous clients are requesting a trellis or arbor and the reasons are many.  They provide much needed shade on warm summer days, they are a beautiful focal point and they are perfect for gatherings, whether around a firepit or a beautiful dining table. If you’re thinking about a trellis or arbor here are some things [...]

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