Thinking of a Trellis or Arbor?

Numerous clients are requesting a trellis or arbor and the reasons are many.  They provide much needed shade on warm summer days, they are a beautiful focal point and they are perfect for gatherings, whether around a firepit or a beautiful dining table. If you’re thinking about a trellis or arbor here are some things [...]

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Materials for Patio Creation

If you are thinking that you’d like a new patio for next summer, now is the time to get this project going. However, making the decision to put in a new patio or to modernize an outdated one, can mean daunting choices for the homeowner, not least of all what materials to choose. Many materials [...]

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Recognized by Peers, Garden of Ease Wins Multiple First Place North Coast Chapter CLCA Awards

Garden of Ease has enjoyed a very busy year, and we are excited to see the fruits of our labor gain recognition for our team’s hard work! The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is a non-profit trade organization, made up of licensed landscape and landscape-related contractors, 3,200 strong. It is a great honor to be selected [...]

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It’s Irrigation Time!

The rains look like they are pretty much over for the season, so getting your irrigation ready for our dry season will soon become a necessity. We've had a nice amount of rain the last few weeks, so if you have native varietals, you may not need to water until the beginning or [...]

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Judged By Peers: A First Place Award for Garden of Ease

The California Landscape Contractors Association award could be thought of as the counterpart to the Client Satisfaction Award we received from Houzz consumers the past two years. A professional organization for California landscape contractors, this accolade is granted once per year. The submissions to the CLCA for this prestigious award are each evaluated at the [...]

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Growing Edible Food Gardens

Our special guest blogger this month is Jana Mariposa, a native, medicinal, habitat and edible plant expert, growing bee and butterfly-friendly florae for over 35 years in Sonoma County. Growing edible food gardens is gaining popularity, for many reasons. Home-grown produce will be fresher than any you can purchase in a store. Farmer’s Markets are [...]

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